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Mind – nominated blogger
Psychology Central – Top Mental Health Blogger
GREATIST – Inspiring Blogger
The Clearing – Top Mental Health Blogger
Statesman – 8 Inspiring Blogs to Read Whenever You Feel Alone
Health & Fitness – Best Mental Health Blogs

Articles online

Why Dating With Social Anxiety Sucks (And What You Can Do About It)

Articles print

Grazia – The Day I Told My Boss About My Anxiety, page 59 & 60

Blogosphere – Panic Attacks, Issue 7, page 72

The Observer Magazine – Silent epidemic gripping Britain, page 27

Top Sante – Blogs with buzz, page 16

Top Sante – Activity on test Trapeze, page 72

Anxious Times – Panic Attacks, page 6

Anxious Times – How do you successfully overcome a panic attack? Page 10