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In Defence of Snowflakes

“Poor little snowflakes. They freak out if the barista puts regular milk in their latte. We have a few in our office, whining on about…


Be Happy At New Year

A new year approaches and with it, endless opportunities. (Granted you can change your life any day), but there’s something about a new year that…


How To Deal with A Panic Attack

The phrase panic attack always baffles me. It implies that some external force is publicly assaulting you, one that everyone can see. Yet, if you’ve…


Natasha Devon, The Truth Behind The Abuse

“I suggest you get into the real world you f**king thick bitch, just deal with it sweetie.” “You must have a sad collection of politically…


Stylist, Mind & YouTube.. Oh My!

To my readers, I’d like to apologies sincerely for the lack of activity on the blog lately. To say it’s been busy would be like…