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Stylist, Mind & YouTube.. Oh My!

To my readers, I’d like to apologies sincerely for the lack of activity on the blog lately. To say it’s been busy would be like…


Mental Health Awareness Documentary

I was recently featured in a mini documentary about mental health awareness, along with Jonny Benjamin MBE, and Leylah Shanks. Have a look and let…


Student Mental Health

In my opinion, students get a bad rep. ‘Lazy, freeloading layabouts, who spend all of their time drinking and avoiding work.’ I’ve heard phrases like…


Stylist Live!

Happy Thursday my glorious readers 🙂 I’m excited to announce that not only will I be attending STYLIST LIVE this year, “a festival of inspiration!”…


Doctor Doctor

“Doctors urge me to take my meds. When I don’t, they become agitated. I take their meds to calm them down.” – Brian Spellman Up until…