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Have I Done Something? Anxiety Fears.

I am the cause of all bad moods. Fact. If someone is snappy, avoidant or generally ‘off,’ it’s my fault. At least, that’s what my…


Social Anxiety – The Physical Stuff

I was fourteen when it started… The blushing. The first physical symptom of social anxiety. I say first, but there were probably more. I just…


SAD and The Power of Comfort!

Why am I struggling to get out of bed? Why am I exhausted by 6pm each day? Why do I feel so low, despite having…


Harley Therapy – The Real Deal

A while ago, I was talking to my grandma about the therapy I’d been having, and the positive impact it’d had on my life. She listened with…


EMDR Therapy – what is it?

Since February this year, I’ve been having EMDR therapy… Which sounds much scarier than it is. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing was first developed in…