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The Stomach Brain Connection

The stomach and the brain are connected. I have this thought with my head hanging over the toilet bowl. More of my lunch is bound…


EMDR Therapy – what is it?

Since February this year, I’ve been having EMDR therapy… Which sounds much scarier than it is. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing was first developed in…


Panic Attack Or Heart Attack?

“A panic attack?” I spat at the young nurse, (not literally, it’s an expression… What’s wrong with you)! He nodded and gave me a stack…


How To Thrive As A Freelance Writer

Something different for today’s post. I’m frequently asked about being a freelance writer and working for myself. “How did you do it?” “Weren’t you afraid…


Airport Anxiety

I recently came back from a holiday, my first in two years and it was glorious! I devoured three books, ate my weight in cheese…