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Lockdown Stupor

For the last five days now I’ve been tired.. and not the sort of tired that can be easily fixed with a few coffees and…


Cry bitch cry!

January 14th is the last time that I cried. I remember the date exactly because I had a needle in my neck at the time.…


Coronavirus Anxiety

As someone who spends a great deal of time catastrophising, (e.g. imagining the worst possible outcome). It’s always a novelty when the irrational predictions bouncing…


Look Good, Feel Better.

“Look good, feel better.” This is the revolutionary charity that seeks to improve women’s self-imagine whilst undergoing treatment for Cancer. The idea being that taking…


How do you know if you have an anxiety disorder?

To date, this is the most frequent question that I’m asked. Simple, yet complicated to the point of anxiety. (Ironic). In the last three years,…