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Has working from home improved your mental health?

As the UK slowly goes back to normal after three months of lockdown, I find myself wondering what the new normal will look like. Lockdown…



I was MIA during this year’s mental health awareness week. Originally I’d planned to get involved, but in the end, I stayed put. Exhausted after…


Lockdown Stupor

For the last five days now I’ve been tired.. and not the sort of tired that can be easily fixed with a few coffees and…


Cry bitch cry!

January 14th is the last time that I cried. I remember the date exactly because I had a needle in my neck at the time.…


Coronavirus Anxiety

As someone who spends a great deal of time catastrophising, (e.g. imagining the worst possible outcome). It’s always a novelty when the irrational predictions bouncing…