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The perfectionist

I was twenty-four when I first suspected that my ‘perfectionist’ tendencies might be unhealthy. What else was I…? Determined to the point of being obsessed?…


WMHD 2020 – Mental health is for EVERYONE

This post was written in celebration of WMHD 2020! Everybody has a brain, so surely EVERYONE has mental health. This message is nothing new, it’s…


Social anxiety ISN’T general anxiety!

Social anxiety is a legitimate condition, (just in case you had any doubts).I feel the need to reiterate this because, despite the great work done…


Has working from home improved your mental health?

As the UK slowly goes back to normal after three months of lockdown, I find myself wondering what the new normal will look like. Lockdown…



I was MIA during this year’s mental health awareness week. Originally I’d planned to get involved, but in the end, I stayed put. Exhausted after…