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For Manchester 

This is an emergency post for everyone based in Manchester, or the surrounding area. Greater Manchester is my hometown & as such, I’m both heartbroken…


Social Anxiety – Fact Sheet

Social Anxiety medical definition – a fear of social situations Claire definition – the idea of social gathering or being the centre of attention makes…


Breathing Techniques

My latest video demonstrates three breathing techniques that I use whenever a panic attacks strikes, or if I feel overly anxious. No paper bags required,…


Is Anxious Talk Cheap?

BOOM! Hello everybody I’m back. Back as in, I’m writing again and it feels dam gooooood. Blogging is ingrained somewhere deep within my soul. Not…


What Does An Anxious Person Look Like?

One of the most common remarks I hear when talking about mental health is, “you don’t look like you have social anxiety.” Or, “but you’re…