Claire Eastham is a best-selling Author and award-winning mental health blogger, fast becoming known for her hit blog, “We’re Mad Here”.

Regarded as one of the UK’s forerunning mental health bloggers, Claire’s witty and self-deprecating sense of humour has seen her attract thousands of blog subscribers.

Drawing on her own experiences to talk about social anxiety and panic attacks, Claire is known for her relatable and honest approach, bridging the gap between health professionals, doctors and sufferers.

Claire debuted her instant best selling self-titled book “We’re Mad Here” in November 2016.  The book sold out the entire print run in five days!

Claire’s success is not without overcoming great adversity, a journey that inspired her to become a writer and blogger. Not long after the Bolton born writer landed her first job in London she suffered a breakdown. Fearing she would never leave the house again, Claire refused to let her anxiety confine her and she started to write about her experiences online.  With the aim of sharing what she was going through and to also give other people hope that mental illness doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

She is an ambassador for Charity MQ and as well as being a columnist for US website, Healthline, she is regularly asked to be an authoritative voice about anxiety on TV and Radio.

Claire has been shortlisted for the ‘Digital Champion’ Award in the upcoming Mind Awards. Claire is currently writing her follow up book, which is sure to be another huge success.

EVERYBODY has a brain, so surely everybody has mental health? We’re All Mad Here aims to offer readers the best information and support, whilst maintaining an uplifting tone. (Readers can also expect humour and a steady stream of curse words)!

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