***I have no idea what this is…. poetry…. prose…. f**k knows. But it came straight from the heart***

It’s not what you think… never what you imagined.
The whisper in the bath, the song on the platform edge, or siren calling from the depths.
Better to burn out than fade away, he said.
A bid for attention, the easy way out, or ultimate act of shame.


The truth alas…. lacks both poetry, & beauty of the same.

It’s a darkness that takes hold over time.
An abusive partner, treading lightly, gaslighting, wearing down defences & blocking out all light.
It steals time & suffocates what remains behind.
A great killer. A corruptor. An evil entity that infects the soul.

I don’t wanna die…. I just don’t wanna be here anymore.

The truth.

So say it… say the truth, say the words out loud, I beg.
What else is there to lose except your life?
A poison to be drawn out by the swallowing of pride.
The greatest show of strength.

Darkness, it turns out.. is no match for truth… or kindness, or love.


If you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts, please TELL SOMEONE. It’s doesn’t have to be a family member or friend. (Although f**king awesome if you can).
There are so many annoymous support services that you can reach out to. DON’T F**K ABOUT, JUST CALL.

The Samaritans – click HERE

Shout – click HERE
Papyrus – click HERE

My latest book F**K I THINK I’M DYING is available to buy online & instores now.


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