Instagram HACKED

My Instagram account was hacked multiple times last week, so on Saturday, I was forced to delete it.

It’s upsetting because it took years of hard work to build up a following of 25k… but unfortunately, I had no choice.

I was shocked by how little help Instagram was… and although I added additional security etc.. the hacker was still able to regain access. He tried to blackmail me, he held my account hostage, (who does he think I am, one of the Kardashian’s)?! He also seemed to take pleasure in taunting and threatening me.

So, on Saturday evening, I deleted the account completely. I hope to set up a new one in January.

Still, wishing everyone a positive Christmas break, (I think we can all agree that 2020 can F**K RIGHT OFF)!

Stay safe and be kind to yourselves. xx


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