Coronavirus Anxiety

As someone who spends a great deal of time catastrophising, (e.g. imagining the worst possible outcome). It’s always a novelty when the irrational predictions bouncing around my brain turn out to be accurate.
Watching the PM’s announcement with regard to Coronavirus, I must admit, a part of me thought; Finally! Finally, my anxiety was right. It has indeed all gone tits up! Whose being dramatic now BITCH!

Also, as someone who prefers her own company, you’d think the government imposed lockdown would be a dream. Yet in contrast, it’s starting to grate on me. The whole experience takes me back to school holidays as a teenager. Great for a week… then things start to get stale, as boredom kicks in. Plus, it’s not as if I can ‘knock-on’ for my mates and hang out at the library. (No joke, that’s what I did when the other teens were drinking WKD in the ASDA car park).

The most hazardous part of isolation is that it leads to overthinking. Or as I like to call it ‘brain crack for people with anxiety.’ An endless amount of time to indulge, analyse and question.
Yesterday, for example, I got caught up in the following cycle;

F**K ‘Green Wing’ is a good TV show – Maybe that’s what I should’ve done career-wise.. become a hospital doctor. Have I wasted my life? – What am I even doing with my life? – What about my marriage, is that ok? Dan seems distant today. Does he still love me? Do I still love him? Was I even meant to get married? Or have I just fallen into the trappings of conventional adulthood? – At eighteen I imagined adopting by myself. A single mother living in Paris. Is it too late to move to Paris? Do they rent there or buy? – Why am I thinking about this sh** now? – Am I actually a horrendous person and just not realised? – My tax is due soon – Need to log that – What if I’ve been doing it wrong for years? – What if the taxman decides to make an example out of me and prosecute – how would I survive in prison? – What gang would I join? – what if I can’t think of anything interesting to say when presented to the head of the gang? – What if I start blushing or vomit? – God, I feel sick now. – Sh** is that a symptom of Coronavirus?


Recognise and re-direct

Even with all of my experience, I still fall into the trappings of anxiety at times… and that’s ok. I liken it to stubbing one’s toe – i.e it CAN and WILL happen multiple times in life and no amount of prep or research can prevent it… and there’s no shame in that.

While thought storms (overthinking) are natural, they’re also distressing and a pointless use of energy. Not to mention the negative impact they have on the mood.

Top tips

  • Positive self talk – once you realise that you’re caught in a thought storm DON’T berate yourself. Instead, think; Ah ok, it’s happened again. No worries, this is normal. I’m not weak, or pathetic, I just live with anxiety.
    Self-anger and criticism feed mental illness. So be kind. Check out my post on self-criticism.
  • Move – If you’re on the couch, get up and move. Ideally, run your hands under cold water for thirty seconds. The brain can only prioritise one activity at a time, so a sudden movement or change in temperature/sensation can jolt it off track. Star jumps are my personal favourite.
  • Distract – I’ve become slightly obsessed with the Nintendo RingFit. Gaming is an excellent distraction technique.
    However, distraction can be anything (legal) you like. Think about what might engage you in advance, so that you can deploy when the overthinking strikes. I like knitting too, reading out loud (seriously it works) and playing the ‘accent’ game with Dan – Which is exactly what it sounds like btw. You choose a random sentence and take it in turns to do as many accents as you can. BOOM!
  • Purge – If the same thoughts persist in circulating, then grab a piece of paper and write them down. Don’t think, just write, (or use your phone if you’d rather). It might seem like an effort, but you’d be surprised at how cathartic this is. Think – emptying an overflowing bin. Thoughts are easier to rationalise on paper. Check out this CBT thought chart exercise.

Happy isolation everyone. Don’t be a d**k. Avoid any unnecessary risks, stay safe and be kind to yourselves.


  1. 24 March 2020 / 6:30 pm

    THANK You, I know I have not been commenting in ages but your blog is always part of my emergency kit as is your panic attack fact sheet which I have printed out and also on my Laptop.
    I had the Same feeling when this whole crisis became Reality. Also what I found was as strange as it sounds, I really do think that I was way better prepared for this than I would have been without my mental health issues. I mean practical stuff as much as mental stuff. Just as an example, when they started pulling out those proper handwashing technique posters it made me smirk almost because as a germophobe I’ve been doing this for years (as well as having various anti disinfectants around). I also had similar Feelings about staying isolated/inside, that is not really new to me since my issues kind of do that to me already, the big difference is that especially the past few years I have developed a Social network which is small but strong. Whether it was spontaneous visits from my best friend who now lives like 20min away or the regular boardgame nights with a few members of my youth Group. That Was what helped incredibly with depressive Episode and also kept me mentally fit.
    The big thing is though that I am aware of the above, which is immensly important especially in a time that is so uncertain anyway. Sorry for writing a novel, basically my Feline companion and me are taking it step by step, week by week. Stay healthy and stay safe, much love and kindness from Vienna

    • allmadhere
      24 March 2020 / 7:18 pm

      Thanks Alexandra 🙂

  2. 10 May 2020 / 1:43 pm

    This is great advice. I’ve been struggling a lot to control my anxious thoughts and feelings during the lockdown. Getting up and moving definitely helps.

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