A bit of news… (no, I’m not pregnant. Women always have to use this particular disclaimer before an announcement).

This has been in the works for quite a while, but I’m excited to announce that I’ve launched a podcast called; Don’t Panic Steve! It focuses on living with panic attacks.

Bit of background info

I started We’re All Mad Here in 2013 because I didn’t feel there was enough accessible information on anxiety. There’s nothing I hate more than jargon or fancy terminology that excludes people. It’s distressing enough to be diagnosed with a mental illness, so let’s not confuse things with overcomplicated medical language.

The podcast aims to do something similar with regard to panic.
There’s been increased mental health awareness in the last few years, but I witness first-hand people’s discomfort and confusion when panic attacks are mentioned.
Has she got herself all worked up over nothing? No Sophie, I can assure you it’s more complex than that. I have terrible panic attacks, does it mean that I’ll have to quit my job? No, Jack, I assure you that they CAN be managed with practice and patience.

In a word, panic attacks are SHIT and I have so much empathy for people who experience them. The podcast with hopefully inspire listeners to look at the condition in a different way. Since 2013 I’ve had over three hundred attacks and not only am I still standing, but I’m thriving…. and I have a few funny stories to share.

Quickfire questions

Who are the hosts? Me and my mate Chris, who I’m very excited to introduce. Chris has known me for eighteen years and we’re complete opposites. (As in he’s calm and I’m crazy). So he’ll very much be the voice of reason on the podcast.

Why is it called ‘Don’t Panic Steve’? It’s something that I heard shouted across a swimming pool when I was on holiday in Magalluf. I think it was a stag do. The phrase sort of stuck with me.

Is the podcast mainly stories, or will I learn something? Each episode will include a story of a panic attack that I’ve experienced. However, we also discuss a topic related to panic and finish with a coping technique that I’ve learned.

Is this a clinical or self-help podcast?
F**K NO!

How long is each episode? No longer than forty minutes.

Do you take the piss out of mental illness? Absolutely NOT. Mental illness is something that I’ve experienced for most of my life and take very seriously. However, I also find humour to be very therapeutic. It’s been invaluable in my recovery.

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