Mind Awards 2018

Happy Sunday everyone! Huge congratulations to England on the win yesterday. Whilst I’m not a footy lover myself, I’m very excited for the team.

It’s that time of year and I have a question to ask….. if you love ‘We’re All Mad Here’ and think I’m deserving, could you spare a few minutes to nominate me for a Mind award? It’d mean so much. 🙂

Raising awareness about mental health and helping people, is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I truly mean that. Nobody should have to feel hopeless, or alone, and if I can help with my words, (albeit simple and a bit rough around the edges), then I feel worthwhile. I’ll never stop fighting for mental health rights and education.

This will probably be my last year with Mind. So, if you find the blog useful and would like to nominate me please click HERE – My category is ‘Digital Champion.’

Do drop me an email if you have any questions.

Thank you all so much. 🙂


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