Heatwave Madness…

Day six of the UK heatwave and I’m not a happy bunny. Yes, I realise that UK residents love nothing more than to moan about the weather… but hear me out. I’m a winter girl ok. You will NEVER catch me complaining about the cold. Cold is good in my world. In contrast, the sun is redundant.. I don’t enjoy lying in it, I’m not big on BBQs (which EVERYONE insists on having), and I don’t tan. The vampire complection is something that I rock all year round.

Heat also has an impact on my mental health, sometimes making me go full on crazy. It gets to the point where I can’t distinguish between anxiety and heat related symptoms

Over heated symptoms:

  • My brain turns to mush. I lose my train of thought ten thousand times a day and forget how to do basic things such as; opening the fridge and inputting my card details to ASOS.
  • I’m tired and feel drained of energy. Sometimes I worry that Dan will come home and find me face down on the breakfast table, snoring like a monster.
  • My stomach goes weird. It’s a miracle that anything gets digested.
  • I’m irritable and moody. (Basically I hate everything).
  • I feel breathless, which leads to a very repetitive conversation with my brain:
    Me: Is this is panic attack?
    Brain: Nah, I think we’re just hot
    Me: Are you sure? Because I’m definitely finding it hard to breathe.
    Brain: Oh shit… maybe we are!
  • Dull headaches
  • Trouble sleeping

All of the above could also be attributed to anxiety, thus highlighting my problem.
They say that January makes people unhappy…. well NOT ME! Try 30 degree heat and a sunrise at 4am.

Still, not to worry, if the heat is also affecting your mental health. There are things that we can do to ease the symptoms.
In my opinion, the key is preparation. Don’t assume that ‘you’ll be fine,’ as this is the fastest way to find yourself sobbing on a busy tube (trust me).

Top Tips

  • Buy a big bag of ice. Costs like £2 from the supermarket and should last a few weeks. It’s really not worth messing around with ice cube trays. Does anyone enjoy that juggling act from the sink to the freezer?
    I like to wrap four or five cubs in a flannel and use as a cold compress, holding against key pressure points like; Wrists, neck and behind the knee. This will cool you down instantly.
  • Invest in an electric fan. Don’t piss about buying a cheap model, as you tend to get what you pay for. I have this one at home and it works really well. Spray yourself with water first for extra effect.
  • Keep a bottle/jug of water in the fridge at all times. Simple but amazing. Ice cold water feels incredible and will give you a burst of energy.
  • Carry a bottle of water with you at all times. In this weather, don’t chance it. Dehydration is real.
  • Use a scent that you find calming. Jasmine is my all time favourite and I wipe drops of it on my clothes in the morning. If I find myself struggling on public transport, I like to close my eyes and bury my face in the scent.
  • Distract yourself. Freaking out about the heat sadly won’t solve the problem. It’s better to calm your brain by taking it somewhere else. At the moment I’m really into audiobooks.

Let me know if you have any tips of your own, I’d love to hear them.

Stay cool everyone! 🙂



  1. SjaakFink
    3 July 2018 / 8:44 pm

    It’s good to find out I’m not the only one to prefer the cold. Iron supplement pills are the best remedy for me. Because of the widening of the blood vessels your blood pressure drops and is compensated by the body by retaining water. That way your blood can carry less oxygen. Iron is needed for adding oxygen carrying red blood cells. I started on one pill a day, later twice a week.

  2. Amy Fraser
    5 July 2018 / 5:27 am

    I totally agree…summer is the worst and at times like this, I seriously consider moving to Iceland!
    Who enjoys having their make up sweat off, the itch of prickley heat and have flies round you while you try and eat outside!
    My saviour is putting a wet flannel in the fridge for half an hour…very calming and cooling 🙂

  3. tom healey
    25 July 2018 / 2:16 pm

    i have chronic lifelong depression and anxiety. theres nothing i detest more than the heat especially constant never ending heat. i get very irritated by people in general but when its hot they are everywhere.. the noisy red blotchy fucking assholes and their fucking kids.. screaming drunk bastards and their putrid kids that love the heat with their hubristic faces. i am lucky to not work due to being signed off long term but i live in constant threat of hearing other peoples horrible pop music blaring and their dogs yapping. i am not afraid to admit that i love the winter because it makes other people feel miserable. thanks for writing this article.

    • allmadhere
      26 July 2018 / 8:03 pm

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling in the heat Tom. I find that it turns me into a raging bull! I’ll be staying close to my fan.

  4. Ali
    27 July 2018 / 12:09 pm

    I love cold, frosty weather, im intolerant of warmth never mind heat, I have to stay indoors all the time by the air con, this heat in the UK has been like this for far too long now

  5. Tony
    26 January 2019 / 10:12 pm

    I so love this website, I can totally relate. It’s the middle of summer here in OZ and no I am not a beach type of guy. I prefer the cooler months April onwards. I love how I lack vitamin D and am supposed to get out in the sun but then I could get sun cancer.


  6. herbert
    6 February 2019 / 9:15 am

    I find the torrid, muggy oppressive sydney heat unbearable…Gross insomnia, low energy, depressed moods, heavy headaches….dizziness, everything in circles…I cant stand heat!. I crave cold, real cold the colder the better …I seriously want to move to Norway, Canada or Greenland!! Anywhere real cold really. I always was heat sensitive, love the snow, even in earlier years (nordic blood?…looked like a Nordic in childhood with curly white blond hair, similar to a Norwegian) …My parents didn’t like the cold, so dragged me to a number of these soooo stinking hot places…some say this is heat trauma, it possibly is. I make serious priority to move to somewhere cold!. I hardly can sleep, and these summers are far tooo stinking hot and long. A/C is not feasible, as it would send the electricity bills soaring, on how much I would use it (crank up – full blast 24/7), and not solve the heat shock issues going outside…See move to cold climate as only option.
    I was once in Greenland and Iceland few years ago…loved it…dry cold winds in Greenland, more maritime cold in Iceland. No headaches, no insomnia, good moods, had good high energy…slept like a bear. The heat nightmare return on the return flight particular when I reached Singapore…There was a section I needed to go on the airport with a no a/c bus…that stuffy sticky rotten heat (similar to sydney) I felt again…When I got home I just about immediately got sick…an infection, and all the heat symptoms I mentioned earlier returned!

  7. Abby
    17 February 2019 / 10:38 pm

    So glad I’m not the only one. Feel like a freak for hating the heat. Used to love it but hospitalised twice with heat exhaustion in 2013 and 2015 and now I just need to read that it’s going to be over 25 and I’m in full terror mode. So fed up of feeling like but I guess with climate change it’s only going to get worse unless governments come to their senses and act right now

  8. Katharine Bisset
    24 August 2019 / 8:30 pm

    How nice to read this. I started getting dizziness at the start of July as the temperature went up to 28 in the UK. MOst people are like, ‘isn’t it lovely?’ I want to die. I found since the school holidays means I have been getting up earlier to get the bus to the shops by 9am when it is fairly quiet and not so hot. We have had 20 degrees at 7am and that was crap. I have acid reflux which seems to create sinus problems therefore in hot weather during the day eating becomes harder as I feel sick, tired and fed up whatever I want to eat. I never have liked summer except for being a kid but now I 37 and trying to look for a job. It does have some relief knowing I don’t have to work in a stuffy care home in the summer…! I am glad September is next weekend where although the temperature is rumoured to stay around 18 degrees that’s okay. I just like the dark nights, fresher air and my heating on. Life literally feels rubbish and we have two more days over the bank holiday of this mini heat wave. I even managed an early morning bike ride as I enjoy, came home and felt like sleeping all afternoon but far too hot so now it is dark I am slowly wearing out and at least though, my sinus has cleared and I can breathe better. Sorry for moaning but summer is no fun anymore and I can’t wait for next month!!!

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