Mental Health Awareness Week – Why I’m raising money for MQ

Hi everyone, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week and I need some money. Please read on….

“F**K!” I shrieked, as my big toe connected with the door frame. Gripping the wounded limb, I hopped around the kitchen. The pain was shocking and shot through my body in waves. “I think I’ve broken it!” I cried. My flare for overreacting getting the better of me.
It was only as I sipped my tea, (the English cure for everything), did the thought occur to me. I’d just given my big toe more attention in twenty minutes, than I had my brain in years.

I was always stressed, it was just part of my personality. A ‘worrier’ and very ‘shy.’ My sleeping patterns were erratic, but so were every young professional’s, and that trembling in my hands? Probably nothing… Right? Fast forward to a very serious nervous breakdown and a year long recovery.

During said recovery, I observed with disbelief, the shocking lack of resources available for mental illness on the NHS. The doctor who diagnosed me, although polite, could not suggest anything more than the standard anti-depressant medication that ‘might help’ and put me on a waiting list for therapy. As it stood, the waiting list was three months.

Suicide is still the biggest killer of men under the age of forty-five. Not Cancer, or Diabetes, SUICIDE. And yet, treatment remains at stage one. A waiting list and chamomile tea? No thanks. How is that anywhere near good enough?

According to leading research charity MQ, for every person diagnosed with mental illness, £8 per year is spent on research. To put this into context, for Cancer it’s £178. Furthermore, despite affecting 23% of the population, less than 6% of UK health research funding is spent on mental health.

As an ambassador for MQ, I work hard to spread awareness about research and the need for more in depth studies around mental illness. You wouldn’t ignore a broken bone. So, why is the brain any different?

I’m campaigning to raise £1,000 to help fund further research, and I need YOUR help. £10, £5, £1 – no amount is too small. Please dig deep and lets make a difference together, if not for ourselves then for future generations.
Be sure to tweet me (if you like) and I will thank you personally. To donate click HERE.


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  1. 15 May 2018 / 8:19 am

    I completely agree – more needs to be done to support mental health. Thank you for raising awareness.

    -Charlotte x

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