In Defence of Snowflakes

“Poor little snowflakes. They freak out if the barista puts regular milk in their latte. We have a few in our office, whining on about flexible working. They need a good kick up the back side. We’d have never won WW2 with this lot in charge.”

This is a comment I read recently on a newspaper article. If you’re wondering about the term ‘snowflakes,’ it basically means millennial, although the quote is apparently from the film Fight Club. “You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake.”
We’ve all seen the film and it’s quite wonderful. Although I’m not sure of it’s relevance in creating an ideal society.

Millennials, snowflakes or whatever the f**k you want to call them, are: weak, self entitled and only think about themselves. Or at least that’s what the media says.
Only recently, Good Morning Britain tweeted; “Are millennials, (those aged in the 18 – 35 range) useless?” Oh Piers, anything to get your ratings up huh?

As a Millennial myself, I’d very much like to call bullsh*t. My generation have been dealt a bad set of cards. Shall we have a look at what’s happened in the last ten years?

The recession – Not our fault and yet we’ve effectively been punished for ten years. “Tighten our belts”? Why don’t you f**k off Mr Cameron? Oh no wait… you have.

University fees – £9k per year. So that’s £27k worth of debt after three years, not including housing etc.

A declining NHS – it’s imploding, we all know that. Why? There’s no money. Our greatest national treasure is dying.

Lack of affordable housing – In London, my husband and I would need £30k minimum to get a low-level deposit. This is before you start adding extra for stamp duty, surveyors etc. So let’s say £35k. Extortionate rent, bills and feeding ourselves makes it hard to save more than a few hundred quid a month. Estimated time of having a deposit = fifteen years!

The state of the environment – We’re killing the earth, and seeing how we only have one, this strikes me as a problem.

Brexit – A generation of people who’ll most likely be dead when the effects are measured, have screwed the generation who WILL have to deal with it. Self centred? Weak? Entitled? I thought that was snowflakes?

Trump – A man in the worst wig I’ve ever seen is in charge of America… and they call ME crazy.

Ok, so now that I’ve suitably lowered the tone, let me summarise by saying that millennials don’t have it easy. Is it any wonder that they’re reacting and attempting to control what they can? Moreover, they want to make positive changes.

Let’s start with mental health. I’ve heard from countless readers in their early twenties, who are frazzled and have decided to take better care of themselves. Making the decision to invest in your mental health is a GOOD thing. The Disability Discrimination Act (1995), now includes mental health. Let’s think about this rationally, the company that you work for is not going to collapse because you leave on time, or say no to a project. Companies lose more money from employees being signed off sick. Therefore, it’s in their best interest to value employees health. Flexible working hours or working from home a few days a month are not unreasonable requests, if you can prove that it will have a positive impact on your work. The key is productivity and trust. Organisations such as Google and Apple are way ahead of the game with this.

What with the NHS being on its arse, I applaud the current wave of health education, particularly regarding food. We know now that a poor diet, one that is low in nutrients and high in processed/saturated fat WILL damage your body. The NHS cannot cope with current levels of obesity, not to mention heart disease and diabetes.
Surely we can sort some of the problem ourselves with education? Asking for soy milk in a coffee isn’t fussy, it’s healthy!

A friend of mine runs her own consultancy and advises big corporations on how they can be inclusive to all staff. This is a wonderful thing. During a natter over drinks she commented that it’s the older generations, particularly men, who are the most resistant in training sessions. It’s her job to calm their nerves and help them feel more positive about the idea of a working environment that enables everyone to perform well.
Basically, a company that isn’t afraid to give women the reigns, is aware of mental health and doesn’t discriminate against religion or sexual orientation. Surely this should be the norm!

That leads me onto another point. Gay, bi, transgender, I really don’t see what the problem is. I’ll never understand why the world complicates something that’s isn’t complicated… LOVE & HAPPINESS!
Millennials/snowflakes are arguably more accepting, as we’ve been brought up with greater awareness. Everybody should be treated the same and with equal respect. This can only be a good thing for society moving forward.

I could bang on about this stuff for hours, but I think my virtual soap box might collapse.

In overview, when you look at it that way… taking responsibility for our health, actively training to improve working conditions, being more tolerant of sexuality and ethnicity. I’d say we were anything but self-centred, weak and entitled. It takes strength to look at the world as it is and say, “we can do better.” Snowflakes unite!

For now, let the media do what it does best and bait scandal and drama. But don’t ever let ANYONE make you feel bad for being YOU. You are awesome.

On the bright side, in ten years the millennials will be the ones in charge. So don’t worry!



  1. 2 February 2018 / 2:13 pm

    I love this article. I’m 40 so now classified as a millennial but I passionately care about mental health, flexible working and eating less dairy. As a mindfulness blogger and workshop facilitator I see the effects of a work hard, play hard society has done to our people. We need to be kinder – we do need to treat women more fairly and we need to stop destroying our planet. We definitely need to take better care of others. So thanks for raising this – I think people have always felt this way. I know many older people and my peer’s who do but thanks to social media the younger generation are gaining a louder voice. Keep the conversation going! Jo x

    • allmadhere
      2 February 2018 / 3:32 pm

      Thanks Jo 😆 xx

  2. 2 February 2018 / 11:11 pm

    I am classified as a millennial, but do not feel like one. While I can’t speak on the situation “across the pond” I can speak on WHAT I HAVE OBSERVED here in the states. The one’s that are lab… well, who I LABEL “snowflakes” are the ones that expect taxpayers like myself to pay for THEIR education… ALL OF IT. Or think that because they have a piece of paper saying they have the education to do my job that they are entitled to more pay then me when I have YEARS more experience. Or how about the ones that live with mommy and daddy because being a grown up is “too hard” all because they wouldn’t have the same luxuries that they do with mom and dad. They don’t stop to think that they have to start out at the bottom and work toward those luxuries.

    Now I am not saying that ALL of us are this way. In fact, most of the people I know around my age are like me. They know that they have to work hard and eventually it will pay off. Please don’t misunderstand, I am NOT discrediting or disagreeing that the way things are can be improved. All I am saying is that there are many different views between the generations. And, unfortunately, people tend to judge based off of what they think instead of ACTUALLY thinking lol.

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