World Mental Health Day – We’re All Mad Here!


This year I’d like to celebrate my favourite quote of all time:


The name of my blog and book. Yet long before all that, reading Alice in Wonderland, this quote really struck a chord with me. I like to reclaim seemingly negative words and terminology.

For me, it’s always been a phrase that refers to mental health in a completely positive and almost nonchalant way. (As it should be). We’re all mad here = we all have a brain, and therefore we all have mental health! Which is a message very close to my heart.

One day in the future I’d like mental health chat to be as normal as taking about Game of Thrones, or whatever you had for dinner.
So what can you do to help….?
You can help spread the word that mental health is just as important as physical health, by using the hashtag #Wereallmadhere on Twitter, or Instagram. (Your preference). Along with a video that I have recorded especially.

If you could find 2 minutes to take a photo of yourself (see attached example), use the hashtag #wereallmadhere, cc me in @ClaireyLove (Twitter) or @allmadhereuk_ (instagram) and post, along with a link to the video that would be INCREDIBLE!
Feel free to be as creative as you like! 🙂

Remember ‘We’re All Mad Here’ and that’s freaking great!



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  1. Peter Madeska
    October 18, 2017 / 12:55 am

    I am 67 years and have been anxious all my life. I was diagnosed as bi-polar about 10 years ago. My wife and I raised two great kids and we now have three grandchildren. Living with anxiety is a lifelong struggle, but with the proper support and medications you can win the fight. Whatever you are feeling has been felt by many people. You are not alone. I wish you all the best. You must believe that you are stronger than the anxiety.

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