Stylist Live!

Happy Thursday my glorious readers 🙂

I’m excited to announce that not only will I be attending STYLIST LIVE this year, “a festival of inspiration!” I will also be giving a talk!

This November, Stylist Live will bring everything you love about Stylist Magazine to life across three days of experts, interviews, comedy, food, beauty and fashion exclusives.
Across the weekend, you can take a seat at the Stylist Live A/W17 catwalk, shop hundreds of pop-up boutiques, discover the trends that will shape 2018, and take advantage of the free beauty treatments on offer.
Expect life lessons, insights and inspiration for everyone. With help from some of the UK’s most influential women (and a handful of men), Stylist Live explores everything from Becoming a Brand to How to Work Like the French (and not get fired). This is a weekend of empowerment and entertainment at its best that you can’t afford to miss.

Obviously the most important part of the whole thing is that I’M INVOLVED 😉 Everybody says so, (including my mum, my dog and erm…. many more)!

In all seriousness, I really am delighted, because it’s going to be such an awesome and empowering event.

Check out the full schedule HERE

Mental health education is a huge passion of mine. As I always say, EVERYBODY has a brain, so surely everybody has mental health?

My talk, ‘The Power of Vulnerability: Mental Health and the Workplace’ – will be a guide on how to live a happy and fulfilling work life, whilst making mental health a priority. How opening up to others in the work place can be empowering.
It will take place on Saturday 11th November, on the @THRIVE STAGE 15:50 – 16:30

Anxiety is NOT a death sentence, neither to your career or personal life. Just like a cold or a kick in the vag, it might knock you down for a while, but you CAN heal and get back up.

Tickets for Stylist Live, taking place from 10th – 13th Nov, are available HERE

Obviously those of you who do attend are morally obliged to watch my talk… 😉

To make things even more exciting, I have five sets of FREE bronze tickets to giveaway!! (Each set includes two tickets). 

For a chance to win a set of tickets, both ‘LIKE’ & re-tweet this tweet on Twitter. 

Good luck! 🙂

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