Play Time with Natasha Devon

Natasha Devon is the most serious person I know. (That’s my line and I’m sticking to it). That is… except, when we meet for our interview, we end up drinking wine and having an extremely detailed conversation about Karl Pilkington, and his views on the old ‘Noah’s Ark’ situation. Think about it… realistically, how could Noah have sorted out all those animals without causing offence? What if three Zebras turned up? Talk about awkward. I Supposed you’d just go for the fittest one…..

But I digress.

As a figure head of mental health, most of Natasha’s media content is very serious, both in nature and tone. She has an MBE and was an official adviser to the government after all… that is, until they sacked her for telling the truth not sticking to party policy.

I recently watched her on This Morning, talking about body awareness, and despite her modest claims, she is indeed an expert on body image, and with Nadia Mendoza and Grace Barrett, started the Self Esteem Team. I would highly recommend that all teachers and parents to check out their new site. “we hone in on what we don’t like about ourselves. Whereas others don’t see that.” Simple, but effective advice is often the best.

The day that Ms May called a General Election, Natasha had already received twelve messages asking if she was going to run. (Myself included). A strong, smart, caring woman, who also doesn’t judge others for having pink hair, or God forbid, tattoos? YES PLEASE!

I wanted to take our interview in a new and lighter direction.
Who is she behind the ‘I take no shit’ TV persona? So I decided to narrow it down into 5 simple questions.

What do you do when you’re having a bad time mental health time wise? What makes you feel better?

I go back to my parent’s house… There’s something about the comfort of home. Although tbh, it’s  mainly to for the dog. (We then spend twenty mins talking about how animals equal instant happiness). I go home and literally just switch off for a while.

Do you find exercise useful and if so, how do you stay motivated?

I’m very into exercise. I notice the difference in my mood almost instantly after a session.
Staying motivated is tricky, as like most people with mental illnesses , I can’t always muster the drive. So I keep it simple. I say to myself “just put your leggings on and we’ll see how we feel.” By the time they’re on, I normally feel more energised.

Do you believe in simple home self-care? Such as a relaxing bubble bath or painting your nails?

I’m like a bath, but my thing is mainly make up. I love the simple act of applying it, I find it very calming. Sort of like a form of mindfulness. It’s one of the few parts of my day that I’m alone with my thoughts.

What song never fails to lift your mood?
(I was sooooooooo sure she’d go for Bowie). But she emails me later – ‘Sunday’ by Iggy Pop.

What film never fails to lift your mood?
School of Rock.

If there was an award for mental health legend, Tash would win every year.
For everyone out there who deals with mental illness, believe me, she’s in your corner.

You can read more about Natasha Devon on her website
Or find her on Twitter



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