Fashion and Mental Health?

Writer? Check. Person who worked in publishing? Check. Bitch owner? Check. High functioning nut job? CHECK. Never thought that I’d be adding fashion collaborator to that list. But I recently had the honour of working with fashion label Maison De Choup. On a personal level, it really is an honour because founder George has dealt with his own mental health demons, and is now an ambassador for the charity Young Minds.
The T’shirt that we collaborated on is astutely called ‘Light at The End of The Tunnel.’
The concept being that when a person is in the depts of mental illness, and stuck in that tunnel, it’s difficult to see the light through the darkness. When I’m going through a rough patch I find it hard to see in the dark. But it’s important to remember that the light IS there and you WILL reach it.

I also modelled the T’shirt for the official collection shoot, which was in itself a form of exposure therapy. Social Anxiety? Being the centre of attention in front of a professional fashion crew and a camera? ARRRRRRRRGGGHHHH. Not to mention my awkward sense of humour. (It’s always touch and go whether someone will actually get one of my jokes, and not instead presume I’m a dick). Fortunately the team were lovely and very supportive. It was a fantastic day.

For a cheeky look behind the scenes, check out this vlog. I’m the one arsing around! (2:04).

This is a project very close to my heart and I’m proud of both George and the Maison De Choup family. Fashion and mental health, who would’ve thought it’d be such a perfect mix!








  1. Andy Taylor
    25 May 2017 / 6:47 pm

    Tres chic ma cherie.
    And I’ve never thought that you were a dick, no matter how bad your sense of humour.
    That’s probably a reflection of mine…

    • allmadhere
      25 May 2017 / 7:04 pm


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