Cards from the heart

Last year, while I was going through a difficult time with my mental health, a very good friend sent me a Get Well Soon card.

It was such a kind gesture, yet the card itself didn’t feel quite right. When you suffer from a mental illness, the thing you most want is to feel reassured and understood. My anxiety shakes my confidence and makes me question what others might think of me. So often I’ve longed to hear a gentle, ‘You’re doing just fine, don’t worry’.

Inspired by Emily McDowell’s wonderful Empathy Cards and my own slightly dangerous card obsession! I decided to create my own range of cards. If your loved one is struggling and you can’t find the right words to say, Honey Bee Cards will find them for you.

Each design is sweet and a little bit silly, but overall deeply meaningful. Let’s do away with generic messages of support, and instead show someone that we’ll be there for them, even when things are, quite frankly, a little bit shit.

If a card through someone’s letterbox brings a small glimmer of light to an otherwise dark day, then I will consider Honey Bee Cards a success. I’ve already had lovely tweets from people who’ve said they were brought to tears by the words.

There are currently only four designs, but I plan to expand the range within the next six months. I’m also hoping to turn some of the designs into framed prints – watch this space! The cards are available at £3.00 each (including postage), or £10.00 for the full set of designs. There’s also the option to send a card directly to the recipient, as long as you don’t mind the message being written in my scrawl!

You can find Honey Bee Cards here  or follow on Twitter



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