So it turns out that if you don’t have a majority, you can simply buy one. The price? One billion pounds, (and the last of your credibility Ms May). Click here for the full story.

The Conservatives have paid The Democratic Unionist Party this sum to join forces in ‘key commons votes.’ Even if their views on gay and women’s rights weren’t so offensive, (they are). Is it really OK to purchase a majority? Like basically, “here’s some money, please can you do as we say” – not to sound naive but…. HOW THE F**K ARE WE ACCEPTING THIS?

Recent studies have shown that the the number of mental health patients being treated outside their local area has risen by almost 40% in two years. There aren’t enough beds in local hospitals, so patients are being sent across the country in a desperate bid for adequate care. Not to mention the severe funding cuts across five regions (£4.5 million).

Soooooo what, the whole promise to “tackle stigma surrounding mental health” was just bullshit? Ok, cool I get it.  

Not to sound overly northern, but the NHS is on it’s arse. It needs help, or in simpler terms – MONEY. Not everyone can afford private health care. The NHS is an institution that should be protected, not just for ourselves, but for the generations to come.

I’ve been failed by the system most of my life. Huge waiting lists for therapy, GPs who don’t understand, issues finding the right medication and then more issues when my prescription gets “lost.” Do I ask for sympathy? NO. Do I blame the NHS? NO. It’s not just mental health that’s suffering, it’s healthcare in general. Something needs to change.

So for all Twitter uses I ask you to keep the #AskMayForMoney hashtag alive. I also ask you to coin a new one. #Enoughisenough – lets use our voices and show the world that we stand together.



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